Hello and welcome to Cargo Cycling - We have three simple Goals......

 increase the popularity of cargo cycling in the UK

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supply people with quality cargo bikes from the  Bakfiets range

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 guide and advise anyone considering cargo cycling

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 With over 12 years of Cargo Bike experience including using, maintaining and training paired with a real passion for cycling, our aim is to advise on and supply cycles from the amazing range of  Bakfiets Cargo Bikes.

But we also aim to inform, promote,  and celebrate the benefits of Cargo cycling in general, no matter the brand of bike!

Cargo bikes are certainly not a new concept, but due to the increasing popularity of cycling, greater respect for cyclists on the road, improvements in bike and electric assist technology and environmental awareness, today cargo bikes are coming of age.

Parents and businesses are starting to realise and experience the benefits of such a simple but versatile piece of engineering. From the school run to business logistics, these bikes really can handle it all.

 Please enjoy the site and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to have a test cycle!  

Find the right bike for you

 A Bakfiets review in detail, every point covered

'The Bakfiets is simply the most sensible, useful and utilitarian bike I have ever ridden or can imagine' 


Cargo Bikes: A Two-Wheeled Enlightenment

'Cargo bikes are perfect for those who regularly do heavy hauling or are responsible for transporting others'