In the beginning: 'We need a bigger bike.......'

In the beginning was a cyclist, he had a lovely Green Raleigh Pioneer everyday sort of bike, this cyclists also had a lovely (but less practical) toddler (child A). Without doubt, one of the 'firsts' Cycling Dad was looking forward to most, was somehow fitting the child on the bike and cruising about their home town of Hitchin.  Bungees, panniers and the power of balance were apparently not acceptable ways of transporting a child about, so a lovely little front rider child seat was installed. 

And for a while, many fun adventures were had by Dad and Baby, trips to soft play, the park, and rides across various inappropriately bumpy, yet fun country tracks. Buuuut, after a while, a second child appeared, seemingly out of nowhere! No problem.....soon enough child B was on the front rider seat, and Child A had been promoted to an attached tag-along bike. 

For more of a while, things were great, rides to play groups, nursery ,then school.....although, all the while, unlike a simple bike, Girl A and B got bigger by the week, Dad's over loaded bike was getting trickier to ride.......and everyone's if by magic....Child C appeared!

It was agreed by Mum and Dad ........ "we need a bigger bike!" 

Dad had contacts and experience in the small, but growing cargo bike world, so with  generous support from UK Bakfiets supplier Hugh, was formed.

So started Mum and Dad's adventures, easily transporting A,B and C around to their demanding and growing schedule! 


Take a look:

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