We wish you a Cargo Bike Christmas!

Well so far its been a great month using the lovely Bakfiets bike, cycling ourselves, the kids and Dog around Hitchin, without doubt, the bike has certainly been a welcome addition to the family.

The two eldest are a hell of a lot easier to get out of the house and on time for school, so much so that the older one asks throughout the morning if we are going yet! There was me thinking the secret to leaving on time with kids was good evening prep and a will of steel. Turns out all you need is a cargo bike!

Our 6 month old regularly falls asleep in the bike, wrapped up cosy in a thick, hand made crochet blanket and is happy to be left in the back garden (apparently the Finnish swear by this), where she sleeps, almost two hours has been the longest time so far!

Reception towards this odd way of cycling is being met with a mixture of positive encouragement, sceptical questioning and well meaning laughter. The aim of getting as many people as possible to come around to cargo cycling will certainly take some time. But already, the business has been approached by a number of interesting people and projects. More on that later.

But for now Christmas is almost here, we will continue to use this capable bike in all weathers, and no doubt go on a few Christmas rides around town, its worth cycling for the light setup alone. Although I say all weathers for the adults, children have a handy rain/wind/snow cover!

So Merry Christmas to one and all, and perhaps in the new year, you may consider an alternative way of getting kids to school!

Just go to: www.cargocycling.co.uk

Mark Nash