A little coffee break!

Well it's been a busy first month....... Our Bakfiets bike has been built and is rolling around Hitchin, my partner and I confidently transporting our 3 kids to school, baby groups, the park etc daily, business cards printed, Cargo Cycling website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email set up, and a start made to getting these bikes known in and around the area! Thanks to a lot of help and advice from friends too of course.

So its time for a well deserved coffee break, and what would this clog be if it wasn't somehow bike related!

So please meet Rebecca (or Becs) from Tribecca coffee (@TribeccaCoffee). Becs owns a very unique, all in one coffee bike. Apart from the gas to heat the water, everything else is done by pedalling, pumping and priming the water, grinding the coffee and of course cycling the bike! 

Based in Cambridge, Becs basically went from an office job with no barista training let alone any cargo bike experience, to coffee bike mistro in only a few months of hard work and dedication, she now serves very good coffee/tea/hot chocolate outside Cambridge North station and at various events in the area.

So take a sip from this lovely coffee roasted by redemption roasters (there's a whole other amazing story behind those guys....here) relax for a while......and.......... carry on..........

Becs, Bike and Beenie

Becs, Bike and Beenie


Mark Nash