Why do bakfiets bikes rise above other brands of Cargo cycles?

Bakfiets may be relatively new to the UK but they are a mature brand with a design that has evolved from, and been informed by, feedback from demanding and safety conscious parents across the continent. Put another way they are just great bikes, but of course we would say that! We really do encourage you to test out the bike and put it through its paces!

Are the Bakfiets hard to cycle?

Like any new bike, there will be a short period of adjustment, and a little wobbling for sure. But the Bakfiets bikes have such a low centre of gravity that generally we see new riders get on the bikes, and after only a few minutes they are riding with confidence. And after only a few weeks, an average rider's fitness catches up with the new bike.


Is it difficult to steer?

Weight on the Bakfiets two wheelers is generally at the middle and towards the back, so steering is much lighter than you would expect and very responsive due to intelligent design of the steering shaft.

 When leaning into longer, faster turns, again due to the low centre of gravity, the Bakfiets feels very similar to a normal bike


Do the bikes hold value if I wish to sell?

It's a fair question, many people still find uses for these bikes long after children have outgrown them. But for those families who wish to sell the good news is that the bikes do hold a high value many years on. As with other quality brands like Isla Bike, Frog or Brompton buyers recognise the quality of Bakfiets and resale prices reflect this. 


Are they really slow?

Surprisingly no! Of course it depends on how much effort you put in. But with an average rider after a few weeks of adjustment, you will be keeping up with many other cyclists!




Will I make it up the hills!?

Gearing options on the Bakfiets allow for different terrains and due to the comfy upright riding position, the majority of hills can be cycled up. You may not win any races, but a steady climb is achieved without too much effort. Of course there are also the electric assist options, the Navinci hub can conquer any hill with ease!   

If the kids move about, will it be a problem?

The rear bench has two, three point harnesses for the more restless passengers and although you can feel movement if there is any excited jiggling, it would take a lot to affect you while in motion.

Are they difficult to use in traffic?

With  light and responsive steering and as these bikes are about the same width as normal bikes, they handle suprisingly well in traffic. There is a bigger turning circle of course, but filtering through standstill traffic, for instance, is perfectly possible. 


Is there a weight limit?

There is, its recommended that you don't exceed 120kg with the two wheel bikes, but even with 4 kids, school backpacks, snacks and your pet dog, you would be hard pushed to reach that weight!

For heavier loads, take a look at the Bakfiets trikes. 


Do they require a specialist mechanic to maintain them.

In short, no. Most of the components are standard and easy to get, and despite its unusual appearance, they are still just simple bikes. Any decent mechanic, after getting to know this unique bike, will be able to fix the rare problem that may arise.