Bakfiets Classic Narrow ~ Shimano Steps Electric Assist

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Dimensions: Length 210cm x width 85cm
Battery Range: How far can I go on a full battery? Depends on a variety of circumstances including weight, terrain, Rider’s pedalling effort and temperature. Range varies between 15 and 70 miles.
Computer Display: speed, distance, estimated battery range, battery condition and support.
Motor: weighs 3.2 kg and has intelligent assistance for a natural feel
Battery: 36 volt, 11.6 Ahr, weight 2.55 kg, Charge in only 4 hours

Gear Options

Shimano 7 speed, manual roller brakes NN7STEPS £3,663

Shimano Nexus Auto 8 speed roller brakes NN8STEPS £3,925

NuVinci continuously variable hub gear NNIDSTEPS £3,980