TESTIMONIALS from the Cargo side 

Don't just take our word for it, meet the people who use these unique bikes , why they chose to go Cargo, and how it has affected their lives!


Rogier - Histon, Cambridgeshire

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"We’ve had our cargobike for almost five years now, and have been using it on almost a daily basis ever since.

 We once calculated we’ve cycled about 10.000 miles on it!

We use it to go to nursery, get groceries, and even take things to the tip.

The kids love it – Safely inside their little ‘hut’ they can read a book or look at the cows as we cycle to nursery.

We decorate it with Christmas lights each year – Mostly for visibility in traffic, but it seems to cheer people up along the way".

Rob and Rachel - Horningsea

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"We live in a small village, about 5 miles from Cambridge centre. Our two children go to a school thats on the way to both of our jobs in town. We bought a Bakfiets when our eldest was 2 and we haven't looked back! We use the bike almost everyday, initially taking the kids to school but it suits shopping and many jobs in-between.

Even when the eldest started cycling on her own, we found cycling in the Bakfiets with our youngest a better option than the car. Although a little heavier than a normal bike, it only took a short time to get used to, very easy to ride, even with a heavy load and has had almost no mechanical issues, as a bonus our fitness improved too!

We would certainly recommend getting one of these brilliant bikes!"

Alex N - Toronto Canada



"Our cargo bike has changed the lifestyle of our family for the best. It allowed us to sell our car, save a lot of money, and remain active even when going to the grocery store or dropping off our two kids (both under 3 years old) to daycare. But most importantly, our kids love it, because they can see and interact with their environment"

Louise S - Cambridge

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"We bought a cargo bike 4 years ago, through a cycle-to-work scheme which saved us a couple of hundred pounds. Being able to load two kids, from age 0 and 2 to 4 and 6, has been brilliant. Helped keep me fit too, especially getting them, the library books, and the shopping up Castle Hill in Cambridge.

Would totally recommend a Dutch cargo bike - they are also really well built - no regrets!!"

Toni and Mark - Swaffham Bulbeck


What I love about the Backfiets cargo bike is how versatile they are. We used it from baby to toddler to school age. Both children fitted in comfortably along with bags etc and the cover meant we could use it in all weathers without them getting cold and miserable! Cycling became an intergral part of daily life which gave the girls a genuine passion for riding their own bikes. I was initally nervous of being able to manage the weight but got used to it quite easily. They are remarkably stable on their stand and the children mastered getting in and out safely using the foot hole.