Why Go cargo?

Allow us put forward some of the many benefits of owning a cargo bike, let us tell you how these bikes can be integrated successfully into your day-to-day life, much like they are with tens of thousands of people in the Netherlands and Denmark and a growing group of very satisfied UK owners.

In Copenhagen alone, there are over 40,000 Cargo bikes and it's fast becoming a growing trend elsewhere, check that out here.  

We say...... why not in the UK? 



Health -  It is commonly accepted that half an hour or more of moderate exercise a day is very beneficial for your health. However, for various reasons - family, work, lack of motivation - it can be hard to stick to a regime of regular exercise. By riding a Cargo bike for the school run, shopping or work you simply build-in exercise as part of your daily routine - and all with no gym membership fees!



Car-go Green

Environmental benefits - Needless to say cycling produces very little C02, and over a fairly short period, your carbon footprint can be significantly reduced. An average car produces about 125.9g C02/km (see Gov info). Cargo bikes provide a real opportunity to make an active change to your environmental impact.



Traffic - Bikes are much less affected by heavy traffic and there is growing investment in bike infrastructure around the UK. With a bike, the trip to your destination becomes much more time predictable, less stressful and importantly, much more enjoyable! With the Bakfiet's slim design - they are as narrow as an average bike -  you can filter through traffic. Also, the bikes open up other routes that weren't possible before, parks, bike lanes, tracks etc.



Owning and riding a cargo bike is essentially free. Compare this to an average car which costs its driver 40-50 pence every mile.  (Take a look at the RAC figures and AA figures ). Combine this with minimal maintenance costs for the bike and strong resale values due to the build quality of the Bakfiets and the initial outlay adds up to a sound investment .

bakfiets4 kids.jpg


Yes, fun, but fun with a legacy. If you want to purchase a bike to transport your family you only have to look at the faces of the children pictured on this website to see how much they will enjoy riding in it. Introducing your children to this hugely enjoyable type of cycling at such a young age will undoubtedly create some great memories and a lasting positive impression of cycling and hopefully encourage them to carry on riding as they grow older.


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